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Part Sources

There are not that many sources for Cruiser parts in general, let alone diesel Cruiser parts. This is far from a complete listing of part sources for BJ series Cruisers. But people are always looking for something, so even an incomplete list might be of some help.

Toyota Dealers
OEM parts tend to be of high quality, and you know they are going to fit (well, as sure as you're ever going to be). There are two things you should know about dealers. First, some parts are actually cheaper than aftermarket parts, so you should always check. Secondly, I've heard that different dealers may quote different prices for the same parts, so shop around.

Local Auto Parts Stores
Many aftermarket parts are available from your local UAP/NAPA, Canadian Tire, or other chain or independent auto parts suppliers. Simply put, grab your yellowpages and call around - it might surprise you what you can, and can't, get.

AXT Turbo
This Australian company that makes a turbocharger for the 3B. Both this turbocharger and the company enjoy a good reputation, and they happily ship anywhere in the world.

Geoff Walsh Engine Parts
This Australian company sells a 3B Rebuild Kit. I've not heard much about the kits, though I have heard that the company is happy to answer questions.

Interior Auto Wrecking
Located in Vernon BC, Canada, they reportedly have approximately 30 wrecked cruisers, some of which are diesels. Their prices are apparently a little high at times. Phone: 250 545-2104; Fax: 250 542-3335.

Racor manufactures one of the best water seperators on the market. They are in fact fuel filters as well. Other options include a water sensor warning light, and fuel heater. Their tech support will be happy to help determine which size you need for your specific engine.

Spectre Off-Road
This well-known American parts supplier does list many diesel related items - even engines. But once again, this source is far from cheap.